About Us
Darren Bennett
Creative Director

He’s as easy going and laid-back as you could wish for, but with a fierce eye for detail and a determination to make every job the absolute best it can be.

His career, following a degree in Graphics and Technical Illustration, has been mainly within agencies. Over the last 20 years he’s worked as a designer, art-director, illustrator and art editor for publishing houses (including Penguin, Random House and Marshall Cavendish). He’s also worked in design agencies and as a freelancer for national corporations.

One of the things Darren prides himself on is his adaptability in working on a breadth of projects. Evidenced by a portfolio that ranges from corporate newsletters to book cover design; brand identity to posters for the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

He’s also a published author. Whilst at the Diagram Group he art-directed books, creating ideas and prototypes for new titles. During this time he wrote, designed and part-illustrated the Harper Collin’s title ‘Learn to Draw Cats’, including scores of beautifully rendered drawings

Kirsty Bennett
Kirsty Bennett
Managing Director

Or, put another way, she’s the ultra-efficient whirlwind in the team, ensuring a job always gets done, with a firm handle on costs, often ahead of schedule.

After Kirsty graduated in Graphics, six years in the design and communication department at HSBC gave her a strong commercial understanding, an ability to clearly communicate and a belief in the importance of brand uniformity. She worked her way up from a graduate desk-top publisher, based in Southampton, to creative design manager, working out of head office in London.

Starting a family saw the end of her time at the bank. But she quickly returned to the design world, working in various agencies for another six years, in roles including Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager.

In 2007 she left to work as a freelancer. ‘I felt I could offer clients the personal relationship, value for money and more quality time I always felt was lacking within larger agencies.’

The Making of DKB Creative
We love what we do, it’s who we are

We work side by side, in a place where work, life and inspiration are all equal and integrated. A happy family as well as a professional duo, our work is very much a positive inspiration that both sustains and fuels our lives. And we appreciate having the flexibility of a home studio as it means we can work as long as necessary to get it right, because we love what we do.

With more than 40 years experience between us, we understand your needs precisely. Which means no broken promises, sloppy solutions, high invoices (charged by the hour) or pompous designer jargon that means little to you.

So what do we think you want?
  • How about a truly personal, friendly and efficient service, where we’re always happy to hear from you (even if it’s with the 15th revision!)
  • That you know it’s always the two of us doing your work, meaning the quality remains undiluted. Unless of course, we occasionally feel it best to bring in a specialist we know we can trust
  • Our very best efforts to turn your requests around as quickly as possible
  • A design-led solution with a clear eye on cost. After all, a budget is a budget, and we’ll provide a range of ideas at various prices
  • A committed business without its eye on world domination. For we believe true quality and beauty lie in us remaining small. We’re certainly ambitious. But only to provide the best service possible.

Clients stay with us because they like us and they like what we do. Which suits us perfectly.